Wearable Air Purifier. Does it Really Work?

This year might not be good for some industries, especially in the service sector that provides personal care to their customers. Yes, the pandemic is new for most of us, not only in the country but also in other parts of the world. Scientist believes, this situation will come, but nobody predicted that it will happen this year with the highest level of abrupt health emergency status. Others are saying that currently (still), we’re in the invisible battle and we can’t tell for now when will be the end of it. For me, to win this battle independently, basic and effective protection is crucial. With the help of the national government and LGU, by implementing the right health guidelines, we can avoid the spread of the virus and win the battle.

Based on some scientific research study, COVID-19 might be airborne, but substantial evidence is still not yet a hundred percent proven as claimed. In this kind of battle, we need to be very careful in qualifying and considering facts about prevention, especially if it is for our health benefit. However, there’s one innovative product that caught my attention, it’s also one of the most popular and accessible in the market today. The Personal or Wearable Air Purifier. What does this product do? Let’s find out.

We purchase M1 Aviche Wearable Air Purifier, holding the promises and guarantee of the product as stated in their official website (https://www.aviche.ph):

As mentioned, there are multiple benefits while wearing it, such as the production of negative ions to clean the air that might decrease respiratory problems, it might increase energy as part of benefits, might increase our productivity and might increase as well our concentration and performance. So many “might”, but I’m really hoping it will turn into reality. Anyway, we unbox the product that we purchased in Shoppee, were lucky because the seller is very accommodating aside from the fast delivery (look for andrephilippines profile in Shoppee).

The package consists of the unit, USB cable, and manual. Nothing fancy, only the essential. Initial setup is easy, you need to charge the unit for 6-7 hours for the usage time of 35-40 hours as indicated on the manual.

The charging light indicator is on the right side of the unit, red light means battery charging is functioning well, while the blue light indicates the unit is turned ON and working. If you place it in your ear closely, you will hear a very light sound coming from the inside, one way of checking if the product is working.

Back of the box are the details of the manufacturer — Aviche Shandong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. located in Shandong Province, China. As well as their official service hotline and website in case curiosity will trigger.

Our Verdict
The product in general is neat and pretty straightforward. Not so much complication, purely basic and easy to operate, what’s more, important to consider are the benefits that can provide while wearing it. I use the Aviche M1 for just a couple of days and somehow I feel more relaxed while working, although we don’t see that it emits negative ion in the air, I feel more secure if I needed to remove my mask or while conversing face-to-face (still wear your mask and face shield) with other people. If you can afford to spare the extra cash, get one. I don’t guarantee that it will work on you based on the promise benefits as mentioned, but it can be additional protection especially if you can’t avoid going out for work or you were the assigned “Alay” to do the weekly errands :-). Take care guys, stay safe and healthy.