The New Lineup of iPhone 12, Apple Watch and iPad is set to Launch in Q3/Q4

Everybody is excited, there are tons of speculations on the new design as well new anticipations of added features. But no matter what, churn rate probably be shaken a little bit, but will still depends on the outcome of product launch. Alright, here’s what we got for your on the latest update of product launch, based on Twitter announcement of Jon Prosser:

– A new set of Apple Watch and iPad will have a press release on September 7
– The actual launch event of iPhone 12 will happen on October 12
– Pre-order of iPhone 12 is on October 12, start of shipment will be a week after
– iPhone 12 Pro date of pre-order and shipping is still indefinite but anytime in November

Well, we hope iPhone 12 will be available in Philippine market in Q4 this year. So better save up now, hold your wallet more tightly, I know you’re doing it now but exert maximum effort. Because It will be available in asian market before you know it.